04 April 2012

Bringing Up Girls

So I didn't realize Dr. James Dobson wrote one of these for boys's however this is a follow-up to that book. Having girls of my own this book was an insightful look into the pressures that come while raising girls. In Bringing Up Girls, he takes a close look at the emotional needs of girls - and the roles that mothers and fathers play in creating successful, happy women. Ultimately though there aren't enough or as the matter goes any good books on rasing children or bettering yourself than the Holy Bible. If you start there you'll get all you need, however, God has equppied others to break down His word and give us perspectives that we might have other wise missed.

The book begins with a discussion about the differences between girls and boys followed up by how impactful parents - and particularly fathers - have on their developing daughters. FATHERS are the key ... FATHERS are the key .... did I say that FATHERS are the key? Dr. Dobson emphatically stresses that fathers MUST be actively involved in their daughters' lives from the time they are toddlers through the awkward adolescent ages and into young adulthood in order for their little girls to build a positive self-esteem. FATHERS if you don't someone else will and sometimes it isn't the best source or person ... the media is the enemy in disguise.

Bringing Up Girls also paints a scary picture of the negative impact that society's depiction of women has on the emotional development of girls, watch any news channel or read any magazine and it is littered with women who have been influenced wrongly. Filled with tons of suggestions on how to protect their daughters from outside influences or how they can handle sticky situations, like bullying. Of course there is a focus on Christian faith and the importance the role of religion has in raising children. IT ALL STARTS WITH GOD. ... In the beginning ...

Many of today's television shows and teenage stars are horrible role models for our little girls and big girls too. I really enjoyed the portion of suggesting that women should stay at home and believe that religious and moral education provides a much-needed counter to that societal influence. Don't get me wrong if my wife had to work she could. We have chosen to homeschool and through much prayer and guidance from God he has more than provided for us.

While I didn't always agree with some of his arguments, I found the overall book worth reading for its ability to make me think about outside pressures on my daughters and how we will help them handle those pressures as they mature.