23 May 2017

QOD - Where do bedtime books sleep?

I'm thinking
I'm thinking
I'm thinking

Under their covers.

Cover; it's warm, it's protective, it's secure. I remember while I was active duty military, Psalm 91 became a scripture of protection. We know the power of the Word of God and we would literally pray the scripture for protection of friends and family during deployments and training.  I still find myself holding to this passage and specifically because of the promise of His protective cover over me or whomever else adheres to the directive found in the first few verses.  Knowing that if I dwell in the shelter of the Most High I find the promise of cover by the Father.  And when the cover is provided by Him, I can rest peacefully and have no worry nor fear, because it is He who will deliver, it is He who will protect, it is He who will cover.

PRAYER: Father may I ever remember that it is Your desire for me to stay ever so close to You. That it is Your shadow that will shield me from the harsh realities of life. That because You are faithful, You will do as You've promised as I hide myself in the secret place. Help me to dwell not simply to be protected by to simply be in Your presence.

22 May 2017

QOD - What has to be taken before it can be given?

So I've been doing a riddle or question of the day with my children lately. They like the challenge and it's a way for them to dip into dad's BOS (Bucket 'O' Seeds).

The child who comes up with the answer without the assistance of the internet gets to grab a pack of sunflower seeds.

Well the one for today provided an opportunity to share a little snippet from Holy Spirit. Nothing Earth shattering but share worthy nonetheless, as we can always use a reminder of anything to keep our eyes on Jesus.

So the question of the day was what has to be taken before it can be given?

I'm thinking
I'm thinking
I'm thinking
I'm thinking

Answer: a picture

Speaking about pictures ... Pictures are moments we capture in time and they help us to remember various things throughout life. While those times have gone, the memories captured in them escape time. Much like the word of God escapes time. The Bible was written many years ago, yet the memories contained in the writing are timeless. As we commit to hiding His Word in our heart, we are promised a better outcome when it comes to our battle with sin. Psalm 119:11 ... It doesn't mean we won't but I like my chances when I purpose in my life to read, study and memorize His Word. So that I can hide it, to capture the never fading memory of His Truth in my life. 

PRAYER: Oh Lord may we make the time to hide Your Word in our heart. To strengthen and encourage us daily and to keep the memory of what You've done firmly planted in our lives.

19 May 2017

ONE thing

What's been the one thing you've been going back to God about? Is it healing, is it deliverance, is it freedom from addiction, is it freedom from sin, is it materialistic blessings, is it financial breakthrough, is it health, wealth and prosperity?

If I had the ability to go into your prayer closet and download those prayers, what would be discovered about your heart's desire?

While I'm not saying don't pray for those things, because in fact we are to keep seeking, asking and knocking, BUT what I am saying is that maybe our focus is incorrect. Maybe our sights are set to low. Because God has so much more for us than we could possibly imagine but we settle for the whatever.  Stay with me for a moment ...

Low sighted perspective keeps me searching for a different view.  When I'm running and hiding from the pursuit by the enemy of my thoughts, the enemy that wants to keep in the fore front of my mind of everything I'm not and everything I don't have; I know I am healed because He was battered, beaten and bruised for me; that it was by His stripes I am healed. Isaiah 53:5. I know I am set free from sin. 1 Corinthians 15 (key verse 56). I know I am blessed with all I need as my eyes are on Him. Matthew 6:33 (read the previous verses for the proper perspective).

So while I frantically pray for these things, my perspective is too low because He (according to His Word has nothing but good for me. Matthew 7:11)  I submit to you that we gain a right perspective as a child of the King and that our prayer focus be that which David  outlines for us in Psalm 27.

It is in this Psalm where we find the very reason that he was a man after God's own heart.  Verses 1-3 are David's reminder for us that our confidence should be God centered.  Verses 4-6 is the reminder that our desire simply (but at the same time so very deeply complex) should be to be in a state of constant communion with God. Verses 7-12 should be our prayer and verses 13 and 14 is the declaration of our faith in knowing that He is who He says He is and will do what He said He would do.

In a nutshell our desire (and I'm not going to caveat anything with this because if we can ever truly grasp this everything else WILL fall into place because it is no longer our perspective but it is seeing, feeling, hearing, touching and tasting through the filter of God Almighty)  ... our desire should simply be verse 4 of Psalm 27 ... One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple..

To be in His presence is not just everything, it should be the ONLY thing we desire.

17 May 2017


I read a post that stated ... "I have no problem with the Gospel being explained.  I have a huge problem with it being changed in order not to offend."

Here's the deal, for anyone trying to figure out a way to temper or tiptoe around the art of telling someone about Jesus .... the Gospel is offensive.


It points out my weaknesses, my shortcomings, my failures ... it fillets my soul, it strips me down leaving me bare and void of everything that identifies me as me. It reveals the truth of the matter that I am utterly dependant on God.

We become offended because it makes plain who and what I'm not and in that lies the beauty of it all because the Gospel is the key to being, not fixed, but set free. No longer focused on who I'm not, but now with a clear and present view of who I am in Christ.

16 May 2017

Just a thought...

When we as a collective race, the human race, can focus on the whole rather than the part, only then will we make any advancement in society.  Continuous focus on isolation leads to continuous separation.