24 March 2017


I've recently been struggling with the idea of what the Church is supposed to look like.  For the most part, I keep coming back to the word; LABEL.
Labels identify outside what the contents are of the inside.  As a child, I recall a commercial that went a little something like this; if you put Libby's Libby's Libby's on the label, label, label, you will like it, like it, like it on the table, table, table.  Those veggies were pretty good too. So the label worked, it did its job. But can we as followers of Christ be termed successful by the definition of label?
Let's see, folks get together and call themselves the church and that's all well and good, BUT lately churches have slapped the wrong label on.
When you ask folks at their Church, you'll hear labels defining identity; such as an Asian church, White church, Black church, Hispanic church or what have you.
I can appreciate the desire to be with like minded people who look like me, talk like me, think like me but in my me-ness am I doing my part to actually be the Church? More importantly if my desire is to be the church, than shouldn't my focus be on my need for God and my ability to desire His leading me; my reliance on Him ... Which would make my label Christ?
The only way we as a church can be authentic is to actually represent the label of Christ.  Yes I understand believers come in all shapes and sizes. I understand all can identify with a demographic but is that what a church should be doing?
All these headlines declaring various colors in the Crayola box are being violated, but when we as a church can truly look past the wrapping paper and put on the label of Christ, then we will see a change take place within our hearts, within the walls of our buildings, our communities, our cities, our states, our country, our nations, our world.
The label shouldn't be about age, race, Creed, color, ethnicity ... It's about your identity in Christ and nothing else should matter.

22 March 2017

His desire is to be found by you

  • Let he who has an ear hear the word of the Lord ... "I am not limited by your finite thoughts. I'll only reveal to you what you are able to handle. If I were to give you all of me it would be far too much too fast. I would literally blow your mind. You may be able to decipher the theory of relativity maybe even cold fusion but who do you think created it? I am far above your limited grasp of things carnal, yet My desire is for you to go further in your thoughts, further in your search for Truth, further in your search for that which can only be satisfied by Me. For you will find Me when you seek Me with your whole heart."

20 March 2017

You have been set apart

Today is just the beginning. The Father knew it all along. When you were born, the enemy marked you for his purposes; his plan was and is to kill, steal and destroy you and everything around you. The perception may have even given you pause to think, without knowing it, that he had won. You thought that your life was going to be a pile of brokenness, destroyed relationships, an infection that would not only decimate you, but whomever you came into contact with. However, being rich in grace, mercy and love, the Father had other ideas.  He has created you to be one of the greatest threats to the kingdom of darkness. So much so, that every morning you saw and see a sunrise, the enemy trembles.  The devil knows that once you grasp the understanding that you have been empowered to crush his plans to destroy, not only you, but others like you, he will have lost. What the enemy meant for evil the Father has and will use it for your good. You have been set apart. This day marks a new beginning.  You have been set in this family to do great and mighty exploits in Jesus' Name. To advance His Kingdom in these last days. To empower this generation, and the ones to come, with the knowledge of His Love and the freedom it gives. Forgetting what lies behind, it is now time to walk in the fullness of who He created you to be. What was, is no longer. Today is your day of salvation. You may walk with a limp, just as Jacob, but it was too serve as a reminder of who and what he no longer was. You too have a new name. Walk in it, be empowered by it, no longer looking back, no longer looking left or right only looking to what lies ahead.

09 March 2017

So I will dance with Cinderella

Teach me to number my days ... What a request of the Lord, yet only if we would take heed to what Moses was saying here in Psalm 90.  Might I suggest you take a moment to bite into that thought, then like a cow and its cudd, bring it back up from time to time because it is so good.

As I walked out my door to rush off to work, I pause this morning before closing my door ... At the dinner table was my oldest daughter who will be 17 on her birthday, on the couch were two more of my daughters; 14 and 12.  Seems like only yesterday these little girls were nipping at my ankles.

Where does the time go? Have I done everything that I could have done, am I doing all I can now? These are questions that go round and round in my mind daily but if I spend too much time dwelling on them, I find my running on the seeming treadmill doesn't get me where I want go.

It's in that passage, Moses wrote, that reminds me to be intentional with the time I've been given, to be intentional with my relationships and to STOP my mind long enough so when the music starts, I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms.

08 March 2017

Time to get WITH it

WITH -- a preposition ... a preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and some other word or element in the rest of a sentence.

This particular preposition "WITH" pending how it is used can mean a few things: 

  1. accompanied by (another person or thing)

  2. possessing (something) as a feature or accompaniment

  3. indicating the instrument used to perform an action

  4. in opposition to

In Christianity this particular word is crucial to the relationship between a follower of Christ and Christ.  It describes the way Christ desires to do life WITH me.  As I've gone along through out life I've discovered it is when I walk WITH Christ I am the most empowered, that things are made more clear, that I understand things better because it is He who sets the pace of the walk ... however it is when I find myself in front of or behind that I struggle the most.  See God's desire is to do life WITH us ... His delight is in us as we learn from Him while doing life WITH Him. 

His desire is for us to walk WITH Him in close concert, simply trusting Him.  Trusting that as we walk together, just as He did WITH Adam in the beginning walking in the garden in the cool of the day, that it is the most fulfilling way for us to live.  **When we walk WITH the Lord in the light of His Word,  What a glory He sheds on our way. While we do His good will, He abides with us still, and WITH all who will trust and obey.**

We as individuals all have an innate desire to be what God has called us to be.  We have a desire to do His will, however it isn't without struggle or  challenges.  We have to be willing to give up all to gain everything.  Walking WITH God gets us from where you are to where God wants us to be.  We have something within us that says we must move.  WITH God standing pat isn't an option.  Yes He says come as we are but it doesn't mean we stay that way.  To grow in Christ means we must be on the move; it is a process of learning to walk into greater spiritual maturity.  We have an invitation to get in step WITH what God is doing in the world.

** Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet. Or we’ll walk by His side in the way.  What He says we will do, where He sends we will go; Never fear, only trust and obey.**

**HYMN Trust and Obey**