01 May 2012

Time for activation

As I pondered on the thing this blog is for, I was a bit perplexed at what my thinking was.  I originally started out doing this because I needed a place to hang my book reviews and as you can see there are a few reviews on this site.  In fact 90 percent of my content is book review, but then I wondered I've got a voice, God has blessed me with the ability to write and as you get to know me (more so in person) you'll discover I don't like to talk a whole lot but when it comes to writing I'm able to express myself better.

The enemy has always held me down ... let me rephrase that, I've allowed the enemy to whisper in my ear that I can't speak, or what ever comes out of my mouth just doesn't sound right or people think your goofy because of what you are saying.  I thank God for my wife because she continues to encourage me daily that I can speak well, so I'm able to stand on the word from the Lord through my wife.

I'm working on the area of my life, so I'm going to start using this blog as another weapon to lay the smack down on the enemy.  The world loves to beat us down, call us worthless and every other thing except a child of God.  We are the righteousness of God, y'all it's time we rise up and start thumping on the enemy for his season is over.