13 May 2012

FEARLESS ... the Adam Brown Story

Man oh man; while I've been waiting on the Kingdom Man to arrive I was provided an opportunity to read this story FEARLESS.  It's a story about Adam Brown a Navy Seal who was part of the team that eventually took out Bin Laden.  I won't give away the story but just wanted to let y'all know I couldn't put the book down ... I read it in a day, yes it was that good.  While there were portions of the book that I thought could have been left out because in my opinion didn't do anything to add to the story it's a book that will definately draw you in with this guy's life.   I walked away invigorated and challenged to evaluate my own life and the things I've done as well as the things I will do.

For those of you who face addictions; whether you are in the midst of an addiction or on the other side of it and still find struggles this story is yet another example of the redemptive power a relationship with Jesus Christ  brings.   Bottom line is that you too can overcome those addictions no matter how deep you are into them.  But you say I’m not you and you are so right, but neither are any of us Adam Brown, but the very thing that gave Adam freedom to say he wasn’t afraid of anything that might happen to him on the earth, because he knew that no matter what, nothing can take his spirit from him.  The resurrection power of Jesus Christ can also make you fearless when it comes to overcoming.

For my brothers and sisters affiliated with the military, I believe many of you may have parallel stories.  You wonder whether or not what you’re doing is making a difference. Day in and day out you see things that others don’t see, you train on things others couldn’t even possibly imagine.  This story is another example of what strength and perseverance can do for you.  When you choose to give something back or stand up for someone who otherwise couldn’t do it for themselves. Sure sometimes a thank you would be nice, but like Adam it isn’t about the accolades but what are your feelings about you.  Adam knew whose he was and that’s what drove him to be who he was.

For everyone else this is a tremendous story of a son, brother, husband, friend, dad ... I believe you will walk away with a sense of how God sees us all.  We are all rough around the edges, and yet Christ loves us with an everlasting love.  To follow Adam’s journey from childhood, to addictions, to overcoming, to struggling, to persevering … allows us all to look in the mirror and face ourselves and realize that there is something deep within us that desires to be what God has called us to be. Often times we struggle searching for that thing we were created to do.  We remain restless in this life seeking for it.  We may even stumble along the way as we try to do it in our own strength, but when we come to the understanding of who God is and that He loves us rough edges and all for His glory … that’s when it all clicks.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be trials but it sure means we have a soft place to land.  Just like it did for Adam; fearless will help you too become fearless for God.

FEARLESS will be available at bookstores everywhere around May 22 ... oh yeah my beautiful wife got me the book Kingdom Man for my birthday.  She realized I couldn't wait for this book to eventually show up in the mail ... Tyndale Publishers said they were going to send it but I still haven't gotten it.  I am in the midst of this really good book ... talk about a wake up call ... men of God we've dropped the ball and have allowed it to lay there long enough.  Our homes, churches, communities, cities, states, nations are being devoured by the enemy.  Dr. Tony Evans brings it and it is right on time.  Get out there and vote, make your voice heard ... but don't do it with your eyes wide shut; OPEN THEM UP, get informed of the issues and the ones running ... most importantly seek GOD while He can be found.  He said we will find Him if we seek Him with our whole heart.