06 June 2012

D-Day +73 years

Just a blip on the radar ... Hard to believe 13 years have passed.  I've got a piece I did while taking a leadership class at Moody. My subject was 1SG Lomell, whom I got the chance to talk with while I was at the Ranger point if attack at Pointe du Hoc. I'll post it when I get near a computer but in the mean time I just want to say thank you to those who sacrificed so that I might be writing this today.

The following was written during the 68th observance of D-Day and I was trying to get there for 70.

Wow how time flies by .... it was only (yeah ONLY?) eight years ago today that I was near the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc with the honor of doing the narration for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day.  It was the wreath laying ceremony for the Rangers who scaled the cliffs on that fateful day.  Sometimes in your life you get the opportunity to see things, do things and meet some people who have made a difference in life. 

To see the vast open beaches on Normandy and what the brave men (even boys at that time) faced in order to make life better for those who suffered under the tyranny of an evil dictator.  To meet some of the Rangers on that day was a humbling experience.  I even had the opportunity to meet Pvt. Ryan; no not that Pvt. Ryan but this gentleman was a man who survived a mighty opposing task before him. 

To see those cliffs and where these guys scaled and to hear their stories of bravery and heart ache and to know that it was the Grace of Almighty God who allowed them to make it through the tough missions and survive.  I'll never forget this special opportunity I was given (I've got the bottle of sand I collected on that day in my office) ... hey maybe someone might search me out and maybe I could go narrate the Pointe du Hoc ceremony for the 70th Anniversary.  That would be so cool and such an honor so someone make that phone call to USAREUR (U.S. Army, Europe) and let them know I should be available for the 2014 70th observance of D-Day ... I'll have just graduated from Moody Bible Institue-Spokane ... and I think my Pastor will let me have a few days to off to do it as well as my wife and kids (maybe they could go with me?)

Here in the Spokane paper I want to thank Slice writer Paul Turner for mentioning at least something about D-Day that was written yesterday and wait for it y'all for today the anniversary of it, it was reduced to a blip on A-5

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)
1944: During World War II, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, on “D-Day,” beginning the liberation of German-occupied Western Europe.

Funny how something that affected some many has been pushed to the back pages of newspapers and such. Sad that we can't even pause from our "busy" lives that can't even say thank you. Wow how far do we really need to slip or fall before we forget where we came from?

Anyway I wanted to say thank you to all those veterans from D-Day who are still with us for what you did, for the bravery you displayed and paving the way for guys like me. I salute you.