11 June 2012

Higher standard of living

According to Romans 12:14-21 No more fighting, getting or paying back.  God's called us to a higher standard.  The choice we make determines the path for our lives ... so the question is do you want the lessor or fuller life?

How many times have we settled for the lower road when God desires for us the higher road?  There are so many things that God has in store for each of us but we choose not to be ready to receive.  You know that's all we really have to do to receive the blessing ... prepare for it.  How do we prepare to receive?  By running the path of Romans 12:1-2; it is when we present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to the Father and we become transformed by the renewing of our minds.

We no longer think the way we used to think or do the things we used to do.  In the words of one of my pastors in Germany he would say no more slippin', tippin' and dippin'  .... it's time that we walk in the Spirit and choose life over the roads we've chosen previously; you know the ones that lead to destruction.

A surrendered life ... that's the key to walking this walk to the end ... surrendered.  Not as in giving up surrenedered but in the way of letting go of our thoughts, our desires, our dreams and falling under the obedience of God the Father.  He called us all to holiness as He declared us to be holy as He is holy.

Is it easy? No. God never said it would be easy, so shame on those who ever said the Christian life/walk would be easy.  However, while it isn't easy because it goes contrary to how the selfishness in each of us wants, Christ did say we would have a safe place to land if we abided in Him.