26 June 2012

What do you think?

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. - A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy

Reading this statement out of Tozer’s book makes it easy for us to look in the mirror and feel guilty or even judgmental.  It would be easy to read a statement like Tozer's above and feel guilty or judgmental because we live in a world that would rather accuse or point fingers, however, let’s avoid this view and let’s open it up and look at it from the view of someone who diagnoses … What I think about God shapes the manner of who I think God is.

Are my thoughts of God in a manner that makes Him out to be like a loving grandpa or even like a Santa Claus? In this walk it is so easy for us to brush off sin as if it is "no big deal," because that gentle grandfather view of God will always forgive me no matter what I do or how far I fall.  Dare I even say that I expect God to shower me with blessings and gifts as long as I'm “worthy enough.” However the danger in that skewed way of thinking blatantly disregards God's holiness and justice.

I can’t see God so does that mean He is near me or in a far distant land? So in essence in my mind he is a distant authority figure? Meaning I’ve got to do things for myself, I have to rely on my strength spiritually so that when God does take notice of me, He will be pleased or at least not angry with my efforts.  However, again the danger in this thought disregards God's presence and personal interest in my life.  After all the very hairs on my head are numbered and if His eye is on the sparrow I know He watches me.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

If my idea of God paints the picture that I see Him as an annoyed judge, I end up with a life filled with fear and am guilt-ridden over things I do.  I might flinch every time I “feel” the hammer about to fall; I’d “hide” to avoid being punished or be a performance driven person so that I can always have my arms full of “success” and keep it in His face.  However, the danger here is I’ve rendered God’s compassion, grace and love useless in my life.  I ignore the very essence of God in doing so.

Or is my idea of God that He’s some “force” with the universe in the palm of His hand; Someone who doesn’t care about what happens to me at all. If that’s the case, than I am truly on my own, just working within a guide of happenstance and chance.  However (you knew it was coming) however, this disregards God’s personhood and sovereignty.

So what do you think about God?