03 July 2012

Keep praying

On behalf of David and Missy, wanted to thank all of you who have been praying about the situation with Nathaniel.  He sure was a tough little guy and battled and battled ... in the span of about 30 hours of life he went through three surgeries on his heart, however he went to be in the arms of Christ this afternoon around 3:45 or so.

It's in moments like these where we really come to know God.  We know that in His word His ways are not ours and neither are His thoughts ... but no matter what comes our way we've got to trust Him.  It reminds me of a song that Donnie McClurkin sings entitled I'll Trust You Lord ... the words center around the very things in life we face and no matter how hard some things may be for us the question remains, Will we trust Him?

And you know as much as sometimes I want to be in control of how things turn out and in control of my life ... I'm sure glad I'm not and that the One who created everything around me, including me, is in control.  I just want to cry out and I already have been doing so and the only thing I can hear is the words Trust Me and feel His loving arms around me ... because if there's anything in this world that I know and that is He knows, He cares, He is and He will.