31 May 2017

Better than a thousand elsewhere

QOD -- how do you add eight eights together to come up with one thousand?

I'm thinking

I'm thinking

I'm thinking

I'm thinking

Answer: 888+88+8+8+8=1,000

If you had one thousand of anything that would be a pretty significant amount. Think about it, 1,000 moon pies to gorge upon, $1,000 to spend on whatever, 1,000 of your favorite things, 1,000 days to spend wherever you want.

But when you sit back to think about it, 1,000 days anywhere pales in comparison to one day in the presence of an Almighty God -- Psalm 84:10.

Many of us spend a lifetime trying to fill the void in our life with everything imaginable only to find that whatever we obtained in the moment for the moment did nothing for us because we are just as empty if not more empty than when we started.

There is only One Thing that can satisfy the emptiness we futily try to fill. We finally get that promotion, that raise, that house, that car, that relationship, that fix only to find it isn't enough and we want more.

If that has described you, your journey in life,  our your present state, I challenge you to simply give Him a chance. For whomever drinks from the Wellspring of Life will NEVER thirst again.

PRAYER: Lord I simply come to You this day, thanking You for the many blessings. More so thanking You for the gift of eternal life, that sustains and leaves me fulfilled not wanting more because I lack but wanting more because You are that good.