12 January 2012

Wouldn't you like just one year with Jesus?

A Year with Jesus is a series of daily Bible readings and reflections on the readings, which provides a short, elegant, and inspiring pick-me-up to anyone's day. This book is divided into10 sections, covering everything from "love and hate" through "truth and lies, and"each section containing readings and reflections on that specific topic. This topics are relevant to modern life today and provide an accessible way to access Biblical readings and reflections on situations in the reader's life. This book makes the Bible accessible to the busy person (like a busy parent!) through short readings that focus on the words of Jesus as relevant to a specific topic, and reflections that highlight and emphasize the words of Christ.

For me, it's very easy to get so busy and distracted by the kids, dinner, activities, homework, church, etc. and put God on the backburnerand I forget about taking time for myself. A Year With Jesus was just what was needed to give me at least five minutes a day to recharge and make sure I get the time I need to fellowship with my Savior. The readings and reflections are short (about one page each) and only take a about five minutes to complete. This makes doing the reflection and readings every day achievable in my life without taking time that I "don't have."

I read this book cover-to-cover in a few days, for the purposes of a review, but I also slowed it down in order to do the readings and reflections once a day as they are intended. It's certainly a book that provides a great deal of reflection and meditation when taken slowly. Although the reading and reflection take as little as five minutes a day, the material and ideas presented have stuck like a piece of sticky candy with me all day. I find myself, throughout the day reflecting on some idea or other presented in the readings.

Even if you're not the type of person to usually read for your own pleasure, or to take time for biblical readings and meditations every day, I encourage you to check this book out. It's a pleasure to read, is full of ideas and thoughts to meditate on, and is a wonderful way to take a few minutes a day to recharge.

My book was provided by www.booksneeze.com where they provide free books for those of you who like to blog. Check them out.