31 July 2012

It's your freedom, now walk in it

Growing weary of the enemy taking ground that he doesn't even have to fight for ... we practically give it to him because we forget or don't exercise our God given authority over this pestilence.  Hey y'all the devil wants to keep you down, defeated, sick, broke and disgusted but Christ wants to not only give you life, but give it more abundantly.

Do you want to be free? Free from the cares of this world, free from the changes that bind, free from the lies and deceit of the enemy?

Think about this and check out the book of Mark ... this is a powerful book because it outlines every way, shape and form the way that God wants to move in our lives.  Take for example chapter 10; starting in verse 46 we find the story of Blind Bartimaeus.  This is the last miracle Jesus performs prior to His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

How fitting this was at the time ... consider Jesus' disciples still don't quite have an understanding of who Jesus really is and what this Kingdom is all about.  They are still looking to the earthly realm and not seeing what Jesus is referring too.  His disciples are in the same predicament as Bartimaeus; yet they are spiritually blind.  So back to the story here is this blind beggar, an outcast by virtue of his condition.  He is no longer a productive member of society as he can't work because he can't see.

Along the path comes the One everyone has been talking about, the One who makes the lame to walk, the dumb to talk, the dead to rise, sets the captive free; but more so for Bartimaeus this is the One who opens blinded eyes.  Bartimaeus has heard the stories, after all he isn't deaf, rather he can't see.  He's heard the rumbling throughout the streets so perhaps he's always positioned himself on this path after all it's the path that leads to the city gates. The path that receives the most traffic, the path where he can have his needs met and aftr hearing that Jesus was coming what better time to get a need met that no one else can do anything about except this One.

So Bartimaeus knows Jesus is passing by and sort of like the hymn that goes Savior, Savior hear my humble cry. While on others though art calling, do not pass me by. ... Except Bartimaeus while humble because of the Name that he uses, is bold in the process.  He shouts for all he is worth Son of David have mercy on me.  Other try to shush him, after all this is Jesus and He doesn't have time for a filthy beggar, let alone one who is blind. Yet Bartimaeus doesn't let that deter him, he shouts ever the more and with more volume nonetheless.  How many of us allow our circumstances to define us or get in the way of our healing, our blessing .... get in the way of the very thing that we need.  We allow what others say or think about us dictate our response or actions, however, when I need something from Jesus I don't care what it looks like, I don't care what I sound like, I don't care what anyone else has to say because I've got a need that can only be met by the One who supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory.

Suddenly on this busy pathway and with all the crowds and noise that a busy street can create, Jesus stops and for this one insignificant individual to the world and other people but so valuable in the eyes of God ... Jesus calls him over.  Now get this the very ones that were shushing him are now putting on the second face and encouraging him.  Just because someone smiles in your face doesn't mean they like you or wish well for you. 

So Bartimaeus takes his cloak, the very thing that gives him comfort, the very thing that defined him or identified him as a blind beggar; the security he has held onto for so long ... he drops it, throwing it off of himself and walks to Jesus.  Now wait a minute how does this blind man know where to go? Anyway he knows because he has a hunger for Christ, he has a hunger because he knows where his help comes from, he knows where his healing is coming from, he has the faith that Jesus is who He says He is, He is who they say He is, He is the I Am ... all that he needs.  He is the Healer and Christ wants you to drop the things that have defined you, the very things that give you your security, your comfort and run to Him for all that and so much more. 

Now Jesus asks Bartimaeus what he wants Him to do for him.  Now when Jesus asks you a question, don't you already know He knows the answer.  It is when He asks what we want Him to do, it's the opportunity for us to exercise our faith and trust in Him that He'll do what He said He would do.  Bartimaeus asked and Jesus delivered.

Bartimaeus wanted to be free.  He didn't want to be blind any longer, he didn't want to be a beggar any longer, he didn't want to be define by a cloak any longer .... he wanted to be free from those things that labeled him useless, worthless, weak and no good.  So I ask you, do you want to be free? The freedom is yours just ask the One who gives it.

What do you need Him to do for you today?