03 August 2012

Flatliner ...

Well I've got to tell you this ... WOW; check this out. I took my daughter to the dentist yesterday and opened up the Spokesman Review and found a story about the infamous Donut Parade ... an icon of Spokane located on the corner of Nevada and Illinois.  The make the most delectable maple bars in the world; yes the world but get this they took the maple bar and set it out of this world when they added a slice of bacon to the top of that sweet mapley goodness.  In fact back on my birthday I received a dozen of them and I would have enjoyed every last one of them but I shared them with the rest of the family who wanted to try this goodness.

So why am I telling you all this today? Well it's because the delicious maple bars have now been set out of the universe (I was going to use stratosphere but I want to reserve that one for the next invention of morning grub down.  They call this masterpiece the Flatliner ... check it a piece of link sausage (mind you this ain't no itty bitty piece of brown and serve this is the legit hunk of pork sausage that's fried and delicately laid between two sheets of donut blanket in the same design of maple bar goodness ... but borrowing the infamous words of the infomercial BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE .... the maple glaze that makes Donut Parade Maple Bars THE BEST THERE IS is oozed all over this and oh my wait for it, wait for it ... they top it off with that nice honkin' piece of bacon.

The combinations are out of this world; it was phenomenal.  If you haven't had one yet you have got to rush down there and get one before they are all out.  I called them this morning to make sure they had some before I left the house this morning.  The gentleman on the line mentioned to me that I could get them whenever I wanted them ... meaning he made them fresh.  They weren't sitting there waiting to be taken they were created prior to my driving in.  Don't get me wrong any donut from the Donut Parade that even sits in its glass home waiting to be devoured is delicious even past the time they close but to make a phone call and make the order and before you could say supercalifragileisticexpealidocious these Flatliners are being made.

It was about 9:30 when I got there and they were still warm and the place was packed like a child's suitcase headed to a Christian summer camp.

I can't wait for my classes to start at Moody this Fall, I just may be sneaking on over to the Donut Parade where everyone will shout my name with a hearty Good Morning and my Flatliner and delicious cup of hot joe to fuel me for my time learning from some of the greatest Bible professors in the business and they don't do it like a business but they do it because they want to impart into us what God has blessed and given them so that we, in-turn, can be armed, equipped and ready to sing it until the whole world hears about the goodness of Jesus.

So in the meantime while I wait for His return; I'll keep learning at Moody and chowing on the Flatliner at the Donut Parade ... see you there.