14 August 2012

Tickled Pink

This morning I was privileged to spend a little time with my girls and took them to the Garland theatre.  They show free movies throughout the summer at 9:30 throughout the weekdays.  Today's feature was Rio; a pretty cool little movie that has lots of upbeat music to keep the interest of the kids.  There are funny portions to this movie but perhaps the funniest portions were when the music was jamming, but my eyes were no longer on the screen but the theatre full of children giggling and bouncing to the beat of the music (including mine.)  It resembled a great big box of Mexican jumping beans ... you remember the little boxes that had a couple beans in there that would move every now and then ...

It was just a pure joy to be able to share that time with my kids, which are a pure blessing to me and I cherish every day with them.