13 October 2012

Have you ever wondered?

Wow!  Have you seen The Truth Project?  Ok well if not I was watching the science one and in it there is a video within the video, which was overwhelming to say the least.  Ok for me at least it was a bit overwhelming … the video like a child; I was taken aback when I saw what was transpiring before my eyes and within my spirit.  I was floored in my reaction to the questions that I don’t ask because I’m so “grown.”  Why do we; ok why do I, because I know it doesn’t happen to anyone else, but why do I make understanding and knowing God so difficult?  I don’t know why I asked that question because it was at this point of my asking this question while watching the video, that God reminded me the difficulties are a result of the fall and when I consider none of it was my fault it irks me a little bit because it wasn’t my fault for sin entering the world yet I’m plagued by it and there’s nothing I can do about it because it will always be at my door step waiting for me to trip up.

It isn’t my fault this walk is so hard and so I find myself spurred to a deeper relationship with God … not so much for an understanding as in how to “figure” Him out but an understanding as to who He is and how much He loves us.  A portion that really jumped out to me was the interjection of the discussion of Romans 1:19 about it being so plain.  What can be known about God is plain; it isn’t convoluted until those of us who have some “education” make it so.  I greatly appreciate learning the dispensations, the metaphysics, the epistemology and the like; but along the way I don’t want to lose sight of the “simplicity” of God.  I don’t want to forget that sometimes God is God and that’s enough, I don’t need to know inter-recesses of the soul of learning to know who God is because it is so plain as to the fact that He has made Himself known through creation.

However it is in understanding the deep things of creation and the science of Christianity where a truer knowledge (don’t know if truer is the right word); I’m looking for that understanding and knowledge like I have for my wife and kids … the more time I spend with them, the more time I spend studying them, the deeper my understanding of them, the deeper my love for them and that’s where I want to get with God.  Perhaps the only time that will take place is the other side of Heaven but until then I want to get as close as possible and while running as fast as I can might be the expedient way, I’ve found out it is in the strolling times through the woods where you can see the smallest butter cup that I can gain a deeper appreciation for all things God.

It is the atheist who makes it hard (did you know that it takes more wherewithall to push and search for the nonexistence for God than it does to believe in Him? So if that makes me simple minded you can call me simple simon.)  They say we, believers, are ignorant about believing in a God we can’t see.  While they do deserve an answer to their question, they’ve got to allow themselves a bit of grace and to move out of the way.  When they ask a question, we’ve got to do our best in speaking what the Lord has shown us but then they’ve got to be ready to receive the answer even when they may not understand it fully or may not want to take it for face value.