29 October 2012

Reality check; Obama's 2016

Alright I've just got to say that if you haven't had a chance to see Obama's 2016 than you either want to live like an ostrich with your head in the sand, are blind to the truth or just enjoy being fooled.  This movie/documentary is a must see by any one who claims to be an American.  It doesn't matter what race, creed or color from the crayon box you are ... if you want truth, some insight as to why things are happening and a glimpse of what could be if certain things go in the direction that (Lord help us) they could possibly be going.

Let's just say it is a good thing I put my trust in God and not in man.  When the facts are presented, fileted out like a fish for you to see you can't help but wonder why or how it came to be.  Well I know why it came to be because America has forgotten it's first love.  It has abandoned the principles that the founding fathers used a a foundation to build this country into a great nation and while the present regime isn't the sole reason for the down slide, they sure haven't done anything to stop it or slow it down ... in fact their goal is to push it over the edge and let momentum do the rest.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! Sure the present regime wanted to bring change, he wanted to change America alright and those of us who blindly voted for him based on the "promise" of "change" were fooled ( I didn't vote for him)  He wants to change America alright, change it to become a shell of its former self and we've got a load of other people who are right there beside him cheering him on, encouraging him on, look if you don't like the fact that America is different and was founded on a set of principles other than the focus of self, why did you come here, why did you move here, why do you want to be American. 

We've got it all wrong, you move somewhere because you like the place, the people, the system ... you don't move there to change it because you don't like it. If you don't like it no one is holding you back ... but if in the process we can fool everyone else to think the way we do ... well all bets are off.

WAKE AMERICA; return to God. Return to God; pray, repent, let's turn from our wicked ways, seek His face and ask Him what He wants instead of inviting Him to our party.  It was said best in Joshua ... when the angel of the Lord said he was neither friend nor enemy but he was the host of the army of the Lord.  Joshua was trying to figure out whose side he was one, the angel was telling Joshua, he was on noone's side but that Joshua needed to join him; God's side.

So America choose you this day whom you will serve. Get out, vote God ... not man.