09 September 2014

Domestic Violence????

With the world in an uproar over the Ray Rice debacle, I'd thought I'd take a moment to express a thought or two.  Don't get me wrong, what Ray Rice did doesn't belong in the NFL, in the world in general.  There is no room for this kind of thing today, yesterday or even tomorrow.  Here's where I'm trying to figure some things out ... folks are in an uproar over what happened. They are saying that Ray Rice deserves everything he's got coming to him.

But wait a minute; isn't his wife entitled to how she should be treated? Shouldn't be allowed to do what she will with her body? Shouldn't she be allowed to make a choice? I wonder how many of those folks clamoring for Ray Rice's head don't have a problem when the domestic violence is committed every day in abortion clinics?

At least the young lady is alive (this time) but at least she's alive. Meanwhile millions of babies are killed senselessly every day and not a peep from TMZ or any other media outlet about this outrage.

How twisted a society we have become? On one hand we say it is a woman's right to choose to kill a baby on the other hand it isn't her choice to be knocked out by someone who "loves" her without said person losing his job?

Oh come quickly Lord Jesus.