10 May 2016

Quite some time ....

Well just the other day I was over at some dear friends home and their youngest son made mention of finding this blog.  I chuckled and thought WOW, I haven't posted anything in quite some time and that I needed to get back on the site.  So here I am.

Thanks Riley ... Another thing that hadn't quite noticed was that my daughter Yvonne had been peeping this blog, so she too has been an encouragement to me about blogging again (as well as Lysa and Deborah) ... thanks ladies.

Just as the blog is entitled it has never rang more true.  God is truly up to something and I haven't take the opportunity to share ... in the next few posts to appear on this will be some of what He's given me that I've shared with other but I need to post them on this site ... He led me to do this sometime ago, and I'm sorry that I've dropped the ball and have been OBE ... I will purpose to stay updated on this so keep your prayers flowing this way.

Buckle up and hold on ... there's more to come.