28 July 2016

It's His Love that saves

The challenging part to all of living life is in our response to difficulties.  Presently I want to address the issues in the media that are presented us.  Right, wrong or indifferent … whatever your opinion is, we as followers in Christ have to rise above.  I will agree with you that it is often more easily said than done and I most definitely don’t want to try to do the proverbial sweeping under the rug of the issues.  But followers of Christ, our response to injustice and wrong doing in society today has been anything but loving.  Rather than following Christ, we’ve taken the bait, we’ve gone into a world ill-equipped and improperly prepared because we’ve gone in our own strength, the sinful way in which we have dealt with our differences is crushing any opportunity at a peaceful future for our children.  

Christians, regardless of what facts you chose to follow (because we can skew the facts to fit any cause), must stand united, have to stand in love and do our battle there. We’ve been given our orders from our Commander in His operations order, the Bible, we have to pray for our spiritual and political leaders as well as our enemies.  The biggest threat to our nation isn’t ISIS, it isn’t homosexuality, it isn’t abortion … it’s our own selves because we are so busy standing against everything that the world doesn’t know what we stand for.  

Instead of us always telling someone they are in sin, (Here’s a hint … THEY ALREADY KNOW IT) we should be telling them of a Love that comes from the Father that will cast out every fear of walking away from sin into the arms of a Righteous God.