24 July 2016

Christ is the only remedy

Are you fed up? Are you tired yet? The television, internet, Facebook, etc. is full of mess, confusion, you’ve got those of the world and in the world all looking and sounding the same.  When the world has been screaming and crying out for a relief; looking for it from everywhere except the only place it can truly come from. 

The church has been silent.  The men and women of God who should have been praying for the nation and the things that we were warned about that not only were coming but are knocking on the front door … and the sound emanating so deafeningly from the church … CRICKETS!!!! Crickets; because the church has been trying to figure out how to get feet under the seat.  How many flavors of coffee can we serve, how can we draw the younger generation into the house, we need more smoke and lights, we need what the world has so we can bring the world to us and instead of influencing the world we’ve allowed the world to influence us.  And then we’ve got the nerve to ask why “salvation” doesn’t stick. 

We ask why people leave the church and the fact of the matter is they’ve already got what the world offers so why would they come to the church to get a watered down version of the world?  The church has lost its influence in the world and now the gospel has been watered down so much that the attempt to get back to the gospel has been lost; the church doesn’t realize its power in the Holy Spirit much less allow Holy Spirit into the church services or ministry at all.  And we find supposed ministers of the gospel giving feel good messages rather than His Truth which is the remedy for the problems in the world today.  So I ask you again; are you tired yet?

With everything that’s been going on in our world today, it has never been more ripe than right now … we are seeing before our very eyes John 4:35 
Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”  The world is ripe, the fields are white … it’s time to come out of our marble palaces and get to picking.

I’ve heard it said that folks should get past the s
ound bites and hashtags and get to the root of the issues.  That sounds great in never never land and once upon a time-ville.  It especially is easy for those to say when the sound bites aren’t a part of their directly impacted world.  For those with the sound bites, unfortunately it is the harsh reality of life for some folks.  Regardless of where you sit on the most recent media focus in the world, before we can get to the substance of the issues we must stop and listen to the sound bites. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the sound bites or not, have you earned the right to speak to the root?  Even Jesus fed the five thousand before He was able to give them what they really needed; Truth.  

Then after hearing those sound bites, examine the fact, that as believers we know the truth of the matter is we live in a fallen world.  Because we live in a fallen world we must always, without fail, hold a Christ-like perspective and that perspective comes from the very essence of what Ephesians 6:12 tells us … and what it says is that no matter what the package is wrapped in, no matter what the package has within itself, that we as believers do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  

The only answer for us in this day is to put on the full armor of God so that we will have the Right Perspective.  We don’t have to dance with the rhetoric being force fed through the media.  The only side we should choose would be just like Joshua when confronted with the commander of the Lord’s Army … God is neither for one or the other.  He’s about His business.  We cannot approach or view any of it through our lens, the only view is through the scope of Christ. Outside of that, we will never get to the root which is sin and Christ is the only remedy.