09 March 2017

So I will dance with Cinderella

Teach me to number my days ... What a request of the Lord, yet only if we would take heed to what Moses was saying here in Psalm 90.  Might I suggest you take a moment to bite into that thought, then like a cow and its cudd, bring it back up from time to time because it is so good.

As I walked out my door to rush off to work, I pause this morning before closing my door ... At the dinner table was my oldest daughter who will be 17 on her birthday, on the couch were two more of my daughters; 14 and 12.  Seems like only yesterday these little girls were nipping at my ankles.

Where does the time go? Have I done everything that I could have done, am I doing all I can now? These are questions that go round and round in my mind daily but if I spend too much time dwelling on them, I find my running on the seeming treadmill doesn't get me where I want go.

It's in that passage, Moses wrote, that reminds me to be intentional with the time I've been given, to be intentional with my relationships and to STOP my mind long enough so when the music starts, I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms.