20 March 2017

You have been set apart

Today is just the beginning. The Father knew it all along. When you were born, the enemy marked you for his purposes; his plan was and is to kill, steal and destroy you and everything around you. The perception may have even given you pause to think, without knowing it, that he had won. You thought that your life was going to be a pile of brokenness, destroyed relationships, an infection that would not only decimate you, but whomever you came into contact with. However, being rich in grace, mercy and love, the Father had other ideas.  He has created you to be one of the greatest threats to the kingdom of darkness. So much so, that every morning you saw and see a sunrise, the enemy trembles.  The devil knows that once you grasp the understanding that you have been empowered to crush his plans to destroy, not only you, but others like you, he will have lost. What the enemy meant for evil the Father has and will use it for your good. You have been set apart. This day marks a new beginning.  You have been set in this family to do great and mighty exploits in Jesus' Name. To advance His Kingdom in these last days. To empower this generation, and the ones to come, with the knowledge of His Love and the freedom it gives. Forgetting what lies behind, it is now time to walk in the fullness of who He created you to be. What was, is no longer. Today is your day of salvation. You may walk with a limp, just as Jacob, but it was too serve as a reminder of who and what he no longer was. You too have a new name. Walk in it, be empowered by it, no longer looking back, no longer looking left or right only looking to what lies ahead.