04 March 2017

Happy Sunday Eve

Well it's Saturday ... a chill kind of day when you think about it.  You want to do something, yet at the same time you don't. Have you ever given any thought as to what God thinks about on Saturday? After all it's actually Sunday Eve.

That's right Sunday Eve.  Imagine if we were to change our perspective to the same way we view Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.  The anticipation we have for the days that follow those Eve's is unlike any other. We make plans for those days. We can't wait for those days to arrive. We get together with friends and family.

I kind of think that's how God views Saturday.  Yet when we arrive to church I can almost guarantee that you'll hear someone utter the phrase, "Lord we are waiting on You." When in reality He has been waiting on us.

Have you given much thought about God lately? I know He's been thinking about you and me.  Imagine for a moment the difference, not only in our own lives, but how it would effect the world if we had our mind stayed on Him and Sunday Eve?

I know we'd experience more peace because He reminds us of that in Isaiah 26:3.  Are you lacking peace? What's the level of your joy tank?

Let's try a Sunday Eve perspective, meet the Lord throughout the week and plan on a celebration come Sunday morning.

Happy Sunday Eve!!!!