03 March 2017

Finding hope in a disappearing snow berm

Long, cold winter ... Living in the great Northwest for the first 19 years of my life and more recently about the last nine, you can bet that you'll see four seasons.

However this winter seems to be holding on for all it is worth.  There is something about that first snow fall of the year. The quiet is deafening, the landscape changes with a fresh blanket of white and everything is beautiful and fresh to look at. Yet as the temperatures drop and the numbers on the thermometer struggle to rise day after day, a certain amount of hopelessness sets in.

I now understand what my parents were feeling when winters came around. As a child I wanted more snow up to my roof. Now as I recall those feelings and relive them as my children wear my wish shoes and I now wear my parents pair, all I can say is when is the snow going away?

Now I do know the snow will melt, the spring will come, the summer will heat everything up, the fall will paint the horizons and snow will return ... We don't have to do anything except sit back and wait for it.

But may I propose a different perspective? With the coming seasons how about a hope of things to come.  See with each season rather than focusing on the hopelessness of the present perhaps a focus on the hope of that which is to come?

Just as we face varying seasons in life, you may find yourself in one that presently fills your lens with hopelessness.  But if you have a relationship with Christ, you can be filled with an incomparable hope.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus' Name.

It's in Him we find our hope, for He is the very essence of hope.  Turning our eyes upon Jesus causes the things of Earth (the sickness, disease, sorrow, pain) to grow strangely dim.

Even the snow berm that won't go away, will soon be gone and the hope of warmer days draws near.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. All other ground is sinking sand.