14 April 2017

Good Friday?

Today is the day we observe what is called Good Friday.  But does good mean what we think it to mean?

I would venture to say that would be a resounding no. You could view it as good from the sense of what we now know took place on that day and that it had to happen in order that we might live from a Spiritual aspect.

However, the word good is translated from the word meaning Holy. So in essence it should be called Holy Friday, but many would be offended at the calling of that.

After all, I don't think the death of any one, stay with me for a moment, could be misconstrued as good. Far too often we emphasize the very fact that, yes in the order of God's righteousness, there had to be a price paid for the sin of man. And yes thank you Jesus for Your sacrifice, but please don't let me gloss over what happened so many years ago on this day.

Please don't let me forget that You were dragged away in the middle of the night to the chambers of the very ones who taught about Your coming. That You were falsely accused and tried under the cover of darkness. The darkness where we try to hide our selfishness and sin.

That the beating You endured for my sin even caused Your accusers to hide their faces while it went on.  The pain Your earthly mother felt as she watched helplessly the lashings, the mocking, the walk up the Via Delarosa. Hearing the jeering, the hollow echo of hammering nails, the cries of pain and anguish as the cross, wasn't gently raised up as it settled with a thud in the ground.

She watched You endure hanging on the cross and as the weight of the world sat squarely on Your shoulders, You breathed Your last breath, declaring it was finished.